MetaByte Software produces advanced software applications and solutions for the Travel Industry since 2003.

Having highly experience and now-how of Travel Agencies, Congresses and Transportation, MetaByte’s unique systems provide complete management and various tools for best efficiency, security and reliability.

With significant amount of installations in Greece as well as abroad, MetaByte Software’s solutions fully cover the new IT demands of the modern Travel Enterprise.

Partial list of our clients:

Greece Thessaloniki: Zorpidis Travel, Mouzenidis Travel, Athos Hellas, Herodotus, Mazi Travel & Events, Diesel Travel, DionTours NG, Simeonidis Tours, Planair, AirForum, Voyager Complete Services, Life Travel&Congress, NB Events, Macedonia Conference Center, Travel Sense, Topline, Voreas Travel, Greek Travel Services  Athens: Erasmus, Transel, Lazaris Travel Services, Adamakis, Alice Travel, Dyna Travel & Cargo, Libyana Travel, Credit Tours, InTravel, Interland, Travel Latino, Zorpidis Athens, The Travel Tribe, Din Travel, Filippis Tours, Travel Directions   Crete:  Travel ID, Med Hotels Greece    Pieria: Armira Travel, Topsikiotis Tours, Velonis Tours   Drama: Makarios Travel Veria: SpeedLines   Santorini:  Destination Santorini, SantoLine, Choose Yafy   Ilia:  Soulis Travel  Kavala: Marios Travel  Milos: Small Islands, Total Tourism Services,   Sporades: Alonnisos Travel & CarRental, Vanda Travel, Thalpos, Albedo Travel    Volos: Les Hirondelles   Larisa: Voulgaris Travel, Thessalos Tours, Stergiaki Travel,  LA Travel  Lamia: Theodoropoulos Travel Trikala: Cosmoroes  Rhodes: Triton Holidays Edessa: Voras Travel  Chios:Sunrise Tours Zakynthos: G.T.S    Corfu:  TravelCo    Alexadroupolis: Kikon Tours, Democritus Travel Lesvos: Petra Tours, Alonia Holidays Kithyra: Drakakis Tours / Czech Republic : Blue Style /  Cyprus: Mouzenidis Cyprus, Seeyou Travel  / Lebanon: Dedalos Group (Beirut)  / USA: Cloud Tours (New York)