Web Services

Metabyte Web Services open connectivity to 3rd party applications and systems for advanced online capabilities.

Using xml soap technology, MetaByte Software implements specialized web services that can bridge metabyte applications with 3rd party systems, providing several procedures and unique tools.

There are several ready-made web services that can be used, such as:

  • GTravelBridge web services provide reservations data import capabilities from 3rd party systems and for all type of bookings (airtickets, accommodation, transfers, excursions, general services etc) into backoffice application Group Travel.
  • InvoicesBridge web services import automatically invoices and transactions from other systems into Group Travel.
  • AccountingBridge web services create automatically transactions (articles) into Accounting application from other frond-end/back-end systems.
  • Web services for B2B B2C systems sychronise travel products online providing online booking engines and powerful tools.

There is also the possibility to create custom web services for several procedures and connections according to 3rd party specifications.