New Upgraded Versions of B2B B2C applications

Do you need a dynamic site to promote your travel products and services, having  a booking engine that can sell online with real-time availability, latest rates, special offers and all of them to be connected to a flexible backoffice application?

MetaByte B2B B2C updated versions provide exactly this A powerful integrated environment between front-end and back-end systems, using latest technology in data synchronization and online bookings, in a very reasonable cost.

New versions have a unique CMS application, which gives all necessary tools and advance features for site administration, as well as all connectivity systems with MetaByte’s backoffice application (Group Travel).

Several theme templates can be used for having a modern-look state of the art dynamic site, providing mobile-friendly environment for all operations and for all users (B2B & B2C).

Need more information ?  Just contact us!


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